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Zoom *Heat Pack
Zoom *Heat Pack

*Heat Pack

$3.00 USD
Heat packs are essential to keeping plants safe during travel in the winter months. They essentially raise the interior of the box by 10 degrees. So if you are experiencing 40 degree weather, it makes the inside of the box 50 degrees. 
Please keep in mind that anything below 50 degrees can cold shock your plants and we recommend adding a heat pack to anything that travels through weather below 50 degrees. 
Anything below freezing (32 degrees) may make the heat pack ineffective. 
We offer cold shock guarantees on plants that have a heat-pack included in their purchase, but we also reserve the right to hold onto the plant if the weather is below freezing. We will let you know if your plant falls into this category.  
We offer both 72+ and 96+ hour heat-packs, that will be determined based on your location. 


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