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Jesse graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelors degree in Environmental Design, and from Savannah College of Art and Design with a Masters in Architecture, where she was also awarded Excelsus Laureate (graduate valedictorian). Before starting Studio Jesse James with her partner, she won design awards for the Pink Dolphin store in Los Angeles Store and has since had her designs published in LD+A, Surface, Wallpaper, and Metropolis. Prior to starting her own firm, she lived in Japan to study the cultures modern aesthetics in both art and architecture, ultimately coming to Los Angeles to work for famed architect Frank Gehry, with whom she helped design the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Museum in Paris, France and the Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi.  A firm believer that Architecture is the mother of all arts, Jesse  lives an almost dual life as both an artist and a designer, and paints under the moniker Essi Zimm. You can find her previous solo shows under the ART tab. Her work is available for commission or you can contact her Los Angeles gallery representation for available work. She has had seven Los Angeles solos under her belt, and has been featured in numerous publications and group shows throughout Los Angeles, New York, Colorado, Arizona, Canada, and England.


James graduated Cum Laude from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelors degree in Architecture, where he also studied art and design abroad in Venice, Italy. He holds an architecture license in both Kentucky and New York. James brings a pencil-to-paper, hands-on approach to making, with a belief that limiting ones palette often heightens design.  This philosophy underscores the use of American-made materials to create unique and functional pieces. A respect for materials, their use and connections, is the foundation of his approach. If ever you need to find him, just check the wood shop.  A former member of the Los Angeles Art Association, he has exhibited art in numerous group shows in Los Angeles, Louisville, and Lexington. 


STUDIO JESSE JAMES  believes strongly in the premise that an architect is both a Master Craftsman and a Master Artist. We seek to create beautiful, thoughtful and engaging spaces, and products. From the original design conception that is unique to every client and space, to the final implementation that is often highlighted by intricately fabricated parts, down to the tiniest detail of curated greenery.  We strive to do beautiful, clean and fresh work, that emphasizes craft, space, and form; and we strive to offer these elements to the general public. We want to bring our many years of design experience to your space. While our main design hub is located in Lexington, KY, we also perform design services in Los Angeles, New York, and beyond.  We currently hold architecture licenses in Kentucky and New York.

Let us work with you to build a custom one of a kind piece. Contact us and let us know what we can do for you. 


+ Handmade and custom goods crafted within our shop ranging from: woodworking, ceramics, household goods, and furniture. 

+ American made materials & assembly whenever possible

+ Water-based adhesives that conform to ASTM D-4236

+ Finishes that are from natural, biodegradable, non-toxic, and renewable sources. All wood products feature Vermont Natural Coatings Polywhey Polyurethane, a USDA Certified Biobased product.                                             

+ All Ceramics fired within our studio space.

+ Plants cultivated and grown on site and inspected under our certified greenery license. 

+ Sustainable packaging. We recycle almost all of our shipping boxes. They may not be pretty, but we believe in creating as much of a sustainable shipping environment as we can.

+ The ability to customize most items in our shop. If you see something you like but want a different size, just contact us. 




Please measure the space/area you intend for the placement of the piece carefully and compare it to dimensions given on this site. This will help reduce any "Oh, #%@!" moments.

Your happiness matters! In the unlikely event there is a problem, please notify me within 3 working days of receipt of the piece and I will do whatever I can resolve the issue. Refunds will be granted on a case-by-case basis, less cost of shipping.



Things happen during transit, so if any pottery arrives damaged, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving the package. We will assess the situation with you on whether to return the package to get a replacement, or to issue you a refund.

If you don't like your purchase or are regretting it, please also contact us within 48 hours. Pottery can be shipped back to us in the original box it came in, buyer will be responsible for return shipping. Once we receive the pot and its in the same condition it was when it was sent out, we will issue a refund on the pottery purchase. 

All glazes and stoneware are deemed food safe, dishwasher, and microwave. Please note that if you are putting an exposed stoneware face into the microwave it will come out hotter than if there was a glaze on it. 

Some glaze crazes during firing, it is the nature of some of clay bodies we use, for these particular instances we allow this to happen with pots that are not used for food (e.g. planter pots). 

All pots are handmade so there will be a degree of difference between each pot, if you are being in a collection. We try to keep all dimensional differences to less than a 1/4" +/-



What we do not cover in a plant purchase guarantee:
1. Dried or wilted bottom leaves (this is naturally occurring in all plants, and can be easily pulled off without damaging the plant). Initial cosmetic issues such as browning or leaf discoloration are results of the transit & shipping process. Plants get stressed during transition periods. Give them proper watering and care upon arrival to ensure new foliage growth and re-establish the health of your new plant in its new environment. This can often take up to 2 weeks for a plant to adjust to its new environment. 
2. Potting soil on leaves (can be easily washed off with first watering)
3. A couple of broken, missing, or wilted leaves, as long as more than half the plant is intact the plant will recover. Shipping can and will damage some of the plant.
4. Color /shape differences from photograph in product listings. (While we make every effort to show accurate representations of our products through our photography, the colors you see will depend on your screen. Likewise, no two batches of potted plants we receive from our growers is exactly alike. The specific growing conditions and time of year (as well as natural trait variation in the species) affect how the plants look when they arrive at our nursery. While each listing includes general descriptions of how our plants typically appear, you can expect a bit of variation.)
5. Cold damage to plants that did not have a heat pack ordered with them.
6. Packages stolen / Packages Left outside during delivery (in hot or cold weather)
7. That there is a pest on the plant. While we go out of our way to make sure that there are no pesky travelers, we use beneficial bugs to control any pest issues in our greenhouse. So sometimes you will see a beneficial bug, and sometimes you may see a pest, sometimes things just happen they are living organisms after all. But these things are generally very rare as we take pride in our pest control with our beneficials.  Just let us know if you see something, and we will help you address it appropriately. 

What we do cover in a plant purchase guarantee:
1. That our plants are healthy

2. That our plants are rooted

3. That the correct plant was sent out.

4. That the plant is more than 50% intact. If the plant is SUBSTANTIALLY damaged during transit (meaning more than half the plant was destroyed) then we will gladly replace it or refund your money, pending photo documentation (as we need this to get our money back from the shipment company), if the plant was not substantially damaged and only had some of its leaves broken in transit, then this is a case by case basis (pending photos).

5. That they are not cold shocked (this is only guaranteed IF a heat-pack is ordered with the plant traveling through 50 degree or below weather)


If for any reason the buyer has any issues with the guarantee of our product, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving the plant, send us PHOTOS, and we will assess the situation to the best of our abilities to ensure the health of the plant and the satisfaction of the customer. After this time, we cannot guarantee the success of the plant, when considering the various plant-caring skills of our customers and the environment the plant is being brought into, all of which is out of our control. We are more than happy to offer insight and care tips but we cannot guarantee the long-term success of plant the buyer has purchased. 


We ship to all 48 contiguous states. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally. If you live in one of these areas we do not ship to, and would still like to inquire about the cost of shipping something to your location (or if a plant can be shipped to your location due to agricultural restrictions), please feel free to contact us. 

For plants, please note that we ship out Mondays and Tuesdays ONLY. For Wood products we ship M-F. We primarily use Fedex home delivery. Please see transit map for estimated shipping times. 


Free local delivery in and around the Lexington area, depending on proximity.

FedEx Home Delivery and USPS are our typical carriers for pieces that are shipped, unless otherwise stated. Once the item(s) ships, we will provide you with an estimated delivery date and tracking number(s).


Free local delivery in and around the Lexington area, depending on proximity.

Regular Plant Orders: We primarily ship out within 4-5 business days. We use FedEx and USPS for deliveries to most areas, depending upon distance the plant has to travel. A tracking number will be send to the buyer as their package is about to be shipped. It is the buyer’s responsibility to track their package, and be there for when it arrives. Please do not allow the package to sit in temperatures above 90 degrees or below 40 even if only for a few minutes, tropical plants are very sensitive to temperature extremes.

A few other factors affecting order processing time:
1. Weather: During periods of extreme heat or cold, we may need to delay shipment if your order contains live plants.
2. Inventory: If an item in your order is unavailable, we'll notify you by email. You may opt to have the item refunded or delay shipment until it's back in stock.
3. Postal Holidays: We'll hold on shipping your order out if a postal holiday may cause delayed pick-up or delivery.
4. High Volume: During the holidays and other periods of high order volume, we may need an extra few days to process your order. Please email us.


Can I return item?

For Wood products, this is reviewed on a case by case bases. If a return is acceptable, buyer will pay for return shipping.

All Custom items are final.

All plant purchases are final. Mainly due to the stress that this puts on a plant to be boxed up twice and changed locations. 

How long does shipping take?

Please see Fedex transit map above. We will notify you when you purchase the plant on estimated ship out time, and during shipment we will supply a tracking number. If you have a specific time  you need a custom made item, please email us. 

Where do you ship?

We ship our products to all 48 contiguous states (which means, we do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Internationally.) With that said, some states have very restrictive rules as to what plants can be shipped to them, and may confiscate the plant upon entering the state. It is up to the buyer ordering the plant to understand their states regulations, we will not be responsible for refunding any plants that have been confiscated by border control. We do not ship live plants abroad due to custom regulations.

Do you ship plants during winter?

Yes we ship plants during the winter. But we strongly encourage buyers to buy a heat pack if the temperature is going to be below 50 degrees, as this can lead to plant shock. If the buyer is concerned about cold temperatures, the best option is to message us and discuss where it may be delivered and purchase heat packs to include with the plant. Some plants are more cold-sensitive than others, and so we don't offer these for sale during the winter. That said, in extenuating circumstances such as extreme cold, or when inclement weather may cause delayed delivery, we may hold off on shipping your plants until the situation improves. It's also important to note that someone should be home for delivery, plants can die quickly if left outside. If plant is compromised due to cold, and a heat pack was not ordered, we cannot offer a refund. 

Where can I purchase a heat-pack?

Heat Packs can be ordered through our store. 

Do I need to sign for my package?

Our practice is to not require signature confirmation on our shipments, so that packages containing live plants can be delivered as quickly as possible and are not sitting in a warehouse. Please regularly check the tracking page after your order ships to ensure that you're able to receive your package as soon as possible after delivery. We are not responsible for any package delays that may compromise the plant if the buyer is not available for receiving the plant when it is to be delivered. That said, we are happy to add signature confirmation to any shipment upon request, if you are concerned about theft in your area.

What happens if package is delivered but we cannot find it?

If the estimated delivery date of your package has passed and the package has not been marked as delivered, it may be delayed in transit. Carriers typically update estimated delivery dates at the end of each business day. If the tracking information indicates that your package was delivered but you cannot locate it, please contact the carrier ASAP to report the incident. They are able to contact the driver who delivered the box, and are often able to ascertain if the package was delivered to the wrong address or scanned delivered by accident. In the very rare case that a box is lost in the mail, please contact us. If you are worried about theft, ask for signature delivery.


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