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Zoom You, Me, and Julie teacups
Zoom You, Me, and Julie teacups
Zoom You, Me, and Julie teacups

You, Me, and Julie teacups

$35.00 USD




As these are production pieces where we create multiples of, slight variations may occur from reference photos. 

Ever have that friend who seems to have the perfect life, or just luck on their side. Perhaps you want to bend their ear for a tick on how they do it, or perhaps its time to hear how they dont always have their stuff together either. Well now is your chance with these teacups, to invite them over for a conversation. Inspired by a girl one of our owners knew in high school, who was the best at sports, academics and boys, they always wondered what would have happened if they just got together for tea with this girl and laid out each others truths. This collection comes with a set of THREE teacups, each one a different color than the next. Please beware that our teacups vary in coloration, have variations to the handles, and can vary 1/4" +/- in size overall, but that is what makes for an interesting conversation, that we are slightly different, even if we might take our tea the same. 

For our pottery pieces that we produce multiples of (such as cups and bowls), please note that the piece you may receive may be slightly different than the one photographed (we will notate in listing if you are receiving the actual piece pictured). Each piece is handmade and unique, so there may be up to a ¼” +/- dimensional discrepancies between pieces if ordering in multiples, or slight differences in coloration or trim. You are ordering a handmade piece, this is not done on a machine. For all carved pieces we do not do multiples of these carvings, due to the individualistic nature of carving the piece itself. 

For our individual pieces, as noted above, we will specify if the picture photographed is the one you will be receiving.

If the piece you see is sold out, please contact us for the next restock. For any orders that need to be customized or ordered in a set of multiples, please contact us for quotes.

Handmade with love in Kentucky. 

Approximately 4" diam. x 2" high. Holds approximately 8 ounces. 


+ Dishwasher safe and Microwave safe (though be forewarned that stoneware exposed can be hotter to touch coming out of the microwave than the parts that are glazed). 

+ All pieces are non-toxic and food safe.  

+ All glazes are lead-free.

+ For unglazed exterior surfaces, please be aware that this may transfer heat. We do not recommend microwaving these bowls.



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