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Mainland Poke

Jesse re-designed the Mainland Poke restaurant with three new restaurants while working at ATA, she then instilled her company Studio Jesse James to design, fabricate, and install the "fish scale" feature walls for these three Mainland Poke locations: Glendale, Santa Monica, Marina, in California.  The overall walls ranged from 1300-2600 individual hand-shaped Walnut pieces. The use of both sapwood and heartwood Walnut allowed the design to mimic the iridescent shimmer of fish scales, while still maintaining a warm feeling within the space. All furniture was custom designed by Jesse for the space, and the use of quartzite was used for the countertops, and wood veneer was used for the general aesthetic of the space.

Glendale Photos:

Santa Monica Photos:

Marina Photos:

(Disclaimer: Jesse designed the spaces while lead designer with her old company ATA, her company Studio Jesse James designed and fabricated the main design element in the space: the walnut fishscale wall.)


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