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Pink Dolphin Flagship Store - Los Angeles

The design concept for the Pink Dolphin Flagship Store in Los Angeles centered around the company's logo; A dolphin jumping out of three ocean waves that signify three core values: chaos, alertness and calmness. "Chaos" was characterized by an undulating ceiling constructed of 95,000 screws, it acted as a wave that rippled through half the store, breaking the smooth ceiling the juxtaposed it's other half (even the use of the screw as a design element was intentional, as the screw head was another nod to the company's emblem). "Alertness" was cued in to the stark white boxes of the retail cubes that drew the consumer's eye directly to the merchandise. "Calmness" was achieved by designing for a hand painted resin floor, which reflected the store's elements, much like that of a calm water surface. The grey tones of the store were also an intentional "calming" use of color, that helped to enhance the often vibrant hues found in the company's merchandise. This space won an LDA 2014 IES NYC Section Lumen Award of Citation for Best Design on a minimal budget. 

(Disclaimer: Jesse Voigt designed this while she was a lead designer at ATA)



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