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Robertas - Los Angeles

The design for Roberta’s new Los Angeles location was inspired by the geometry of a pizza slice.  Every major design element is an homage to the triangle – from the folding of the bar ceiling, the custom furniture, the tile work, hanging stick lights, and most prominently, the custom concrete and metal breeze blocks adorning the space.  Studio Jesse James sought to re-think the traditional use of breeze blocks beyond the typical partition wall, resulting in a dynamic interplay of airy blocks that wrap the walls and ceilings. The breeze blocks themselves are a combination of over 650 custom hand-poured concrete and hand-made aluminum composite blocks (that also feature integrated light boxes.)  The natural grey tone of the breeze blocks also helped enhance the abundance of colorful accents from the blue stained knotty pine wood, playful chairs, large aggregate terrazzo countertops, and murals painted by local artists Jason Woodside, Jillian Evelyn and Yarik Slavovich. 

(Photography by Adam Bice)


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